A World of Daydreams; A State of Reverie

I’ve been known to live in my head. It’s a twisted maze; it’s uncannily dark, and sometimes a mess but safe nevertheless.

An escape, a getaway.

A medium to another land, a world of daydreams.

Voices, all speaking in unison; I can never seem to turn them off. I’ve befriended some over the years, the rest remain strangers to me.

I find myself only listening to the strangers.

Realms merging with real life; reveries intertwined with reality.

Thus, begins my downfall. I live in my head, they say. A land unknown to all, even myself.

I create characters out of people, mistake the people for the characters. I fall in love with ideas, get shattered by people.

A constant loop of conflict; an urge to escape once again.

But tell me, how can I escape from my very being?

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