We Fit.

We fit.

That’s what you said to me, on the very first night. Quivering in the cold air, tangled up in your bed.

You glanced at our bodies merging into one under the covers, and just muttered, “we fit.”

And I’ve been thinking of it ever since. We just fit.

I’m not an incomplete puzzle piece, and neither are you, but we fit.

If you leave, I will still be me, but I will miss the big picture. The masterpiece we made together, because we fit.

I’m a whole, I’ve always been a whole, like you. We collided but you’re you, and I’m me. The same version of ourselves, but something has changed.

We don’t need each other, but we choose to lie next to each other in the dark in a tiny bed, and we fit.

And I think that’s beautiful.

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