If We Happen to Cross Paths

Time stops, just for us.

The world spins; people rush past us.

A cinematic blur. It’s just you and me.

Your eyes meet mine; both shy away before they speak too much, reveal too much.

That’s how I picture it. Always. A wordless exchange, because frankly, there’s nothing left to say.

Yet the eyes tell a different story. The untold version, the happy ending we all long for.

And in the end, I hope we get our happy ending.

One where our stories aren’t intertwined.

One where our eyes meet and hold the gaze, as if to say, we’ve grown too much to fall into old patterns.

Or maybe, one where our paths don’t cross.

Closure doesn’t always have to be ugly, does it? It could just be two diverged paths and two different stories.

Sometimes, closure is just secretly wishing the absolute best for each other.

And I wish you well, always.






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