wide-eyed dreamer

It’s been two years,

since the wide-eyed dreamer left home,

in search of another.

little did she know,

that she’ll loathe what she once longed for

that this town has never really felt like home,

not even temporary shelter.

this town never once held her hand, never kept her warm.

she forgot what it’s like to be home,

to not be alone,

to dream.

the wide-eyed dreamer left home,

to never find another.

she realized,

just how crippling familiarity can be

the city she left behind

forgot her face

and now she has nowhere to go.

it’s been two years,

and she lost herself along the way.

she laughs the same,

her eyes still light up when the sky turns grey,

her heart is no longer broken,

but underneath there lies an emptiness,

that found its home in her.

this town turned her into someone

whom the wide-eyed dreamer would not recognize

if they were to cross paths.

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